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New England's #1 Choice for Quality Tradesmen

Phoenix Construction Resources Inc. works with general contractors to provide quality tradesmen to meet their required specifications and timeline. In the construction industry, staffing requirements fluctuate. Determining hiring needs becomes time-consuming and expensive. Phoenix works to save you time and money by providing the right amount of labor only when you need it.

Saving You Time

Easily find the right tradesman for your job. Phoenix carry out an intensive screening process to ensures we hire only the best.

Saving You Money

By delivering the right tradesmen for your job, when and where you need them, only when you need it.


Phoenix routinely works for General Contractors, Construction Managers, Developers, and Sub-Contractors. We would be glad to provide you with a long list of references upon request.

Fully Insured

Phoenix carries complete Workman's Compensation and General Liability coverage at all times.

Safety Focussed

Phoenix provides mandatory OSHA 10 hour training courses for all of its employees. All employees are required to take the class within their 1st year of employment.

Here For You

Phoenix has been providing excellent customer service, and great tradesmen for over 25 years.

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Phoenix has been providing qualified tradesmen to general contractors in New England for over 25 years. Our employees are fulltime workers and receive competitive pay as well as a great benefits package. Combined with our intensive screening process ensures we hire only the best, and provide you with the right tradesman for your job.